Tactical Missile Design by Eugene L. Fleeman

Tactical Missile Design

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Tactical Missile Design Eugene L. Fleeman ebook
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Page: 286
Publisher: AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics & Ast
ISBN: 1563474948, 9781563474941

HIMARS can accommodate the entire family of MLRS munitions, including all variants of the Guided MLRS rocket and Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missiles. Burdell (Atlanta, GA USA) says: This textbook is a great introduction to the design aspects of tactical missiles. System and of all its elements correspond to those described in the tactical and technical specifications, to ascertain the flight-technical characteristics of the missile and those of the units of the missile system in general, to experimentally ascertain the reliability of the operation of the missile system,” said Yegorov. Like its predecessor, the Matador, the Mace was a tactical surface-launched missile designed to destroy ground targets. The missile hardware is Unclassified, but has an overall classification of Secret. It was first designed as the TM-76 and later the MGM-13. The SS-21, or Tochka, is a road-mobile single-warhead ballistic missile designed for tactical deployment. This missile was previously used only with tactical ballistic missiles. The AGM-65K MAVERICK is an air-to-ground tactical missile designed for close air support. French defense procurement agency DGA has awarded Sagem (Safran) a design study contract concerning inertial navigation systems for new- generation tactical missiles. Russia conducted the first flight test of a new inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) that Russian officials say is designed to defeat U.S. Mace was an improved version of the Matador. It has been in service with missile units of the Russian Ground Forces since 1976 and has a range of 70 km (45 miles). It is designed to operate at ranges of up to 280 km (170 miles), flying a radar-evading trajectory, and, reportedly, achieve an accuracy of three meters CEP.

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